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Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll Outsourcing

Accord Consultants is providing solution for payroll outsourcing and is the preferred partner for Payroll Outsourcing. Accord Consultants will manage end to end payroll of your company which includes processing of employees’ salary, generating all statutory and compliances reports, and managing transfer of salary to bank accounts of employees.

You just need to provide us payroll inputs of new joiners as well as resigning employees, along with other crucial information like incentives, bonus etc., of the existing workforce. Our services for payroll outsourcing comply with local statutory guidelines, and we provide employers detailed reports after preparing employees’ salary.

We have tailored our Payroll Outsourcing Services according to the requirements of various industries. While serving our valuable client, we focus on meeting business compliance issues on their behalf.

Why Choose Us For Payroll Outsourcing: -

  • We help save in-house payroll management cost, and avoid
  • A great money saver for small business setup
  • Calculate the hours and the money spent on activities related to payroll
  • Compare the amount of the payroll service provider plans and also include the printing, distribution and documentation costs
  • Management of payroll requires a lot of time, and it may lower the productivity levels of the manpower
  • Without payroll management, the productivity rises and the manpower requirements is comparatively less
  • Mistakes in the payroll can spark negative reactions from the employees as well as the government
  • Professional payroll services providers are more accurate and the mistakes guarantee financial restitution
  • The payroll management is as reliable as the in-house operations
  • Output speed and quality would not vary with vacations
  • No need for special training for new joining so as to explain the business’ payroll system
  • Payroll services take care of tax laws and mandates applicable on federal, state and local levels
  • For the in-house to be that as professional as a payroll service provider, considerable time and investment is needed
  • Delay or mishandling of work is the responsibility of the service provider
  • Lack of solutions or corrective measures from the side of service provider can invite legal action
  • Prolonged payroll management may be monotonous for a general employee
  • External management of payroll may help the employee in carrying out other tasks
  • Proper technological support to inform and alert the client about payroll frauds, payment manipulation as well as phantom workers enhances the efficiency levels

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